Top 3 Breakup Songs to Learn on Guitar

Breaking up is hard, and no one wants to do it if it can be avoided. But sometimes you just have to pay the piper and either do the breaking up or be the break up-ee. For musicians however, this can be one of the most creative opportunities to use your talent to create a worthwhile song. Since, tragedy can often spark intense creativity, learning a few songs that are related to this can get you into the emotional state to compose and write something truly devastating but sounds great and speaks to others.

So to get the creative juices flowing and give you some good ideas of where to start, here are 3 of the top breakup songs you can learn on your guitar to help you get started:

1. Bloc Party – We Were Lovers

2. Don’t You – Simple Minds

3. Other People – Beach House

Now I’m sure breaking up is not what you want. If it can be avoided you are probably more than certain you would rather avoid it and stay with your loved one.

Fortunately this is possible although many people would advise against it.

Fortunately, in the breakup and relationship advise community a couple of experts have put together different courses that will teach someone how to do exactly this.

These courses have hailed excellent results for thousands of people and gotten them back the loves of their lives. These programs should only be used however, by those who are ready and willing to take responsibility for their ex’s wanting them back.

And I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone that hasn’t taken the due diligence to truly figure out if that is what they truly want.

If you haven’t do so.

These programs will also help you figure these things out as well but it’ll save you time and money if you just do it yourself.

Anyways, here are a couple reviews of the programs if you want more info on them, best of luck to you!

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Free Video Blues Lesson

Blues – Advanced Improvisation Concepts

by Hanspeter Kruesi of


Instructor: Hanspeter Kruesi

Speciality: Blues, Jazz and Touch Technique


This is a lesson about advanced improvisation concepts on blues. It shows how you can play 3 different scales on any 12 bar or other blues.

The blues pattern I use here has the following chord progression:

D / D / D / D

G / G / D / D

A / G / D / D

The scales which can be used are:

D minor pentatonic

D blues scale

D, G and A mixolydian scale.

You can play the following scales on the following chords :

D : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, D mixolydian scale

G : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, G mixolydian scale

A : D minor pentatonic, D blues scale, A mixolydian scale

On the Guitar Tricks site I have a whole bundle of licks which might give you some additional inspiration. Each lick is marked as pentatonic or mixolydian lick in the description. When you transpose a pentatonic lick you have to transpose it to the key of the blues you are playing. When you transpose a mixolydian lick you have to transpose it to the chord you want to improvise.

For over 3000 lessons on every guitar style and technique Visit Guitar Tricks.


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Selling Your Home to Pursue Your Dream of Traveling the World to Play Music

traveling guitar playerLife is mundane and boring. If the routine of everyday life, waking up and repeating the day over and over again, waking up just to want to go back to sleep then you may need to take an adventure for

As a musician you have this option.

Many musicians who are simply tired and fed up with the corporate, 9-5 grind of everyday life may eventually decide to just get up and travel the world playing music.

If you happen to already have established grounds as a guitar player for example, and people know your music and you’re already making a living off of this, it may be more possible than you think.

If you’re willing to drop everything, and give up everything you may also want to sell your house to give yourself the financial freedom to travel the world, playing music and experiencing all that life has to offer.

The question is, how do you go about selling your house in a way that would allow you to just get up and leave without having to worry about a long drawn out process?

The answer is simple.

Find and contact a reputable real estate investor and do business.

Real estate investors are extremely quick when it comes to buying up properties because they look at the purchase as a short term investment, one in which they usually make their money back after they sell your house for a higher cost after rennovations.

This is ideal for Musicians who just want to get away because it negates any responsibility you have during the closing and preparations of the house.

An investor can simply come check out your house, and if it meets their simple criteria, they can offer you cash on the spot, and pay you within 30 days.

30 days!

You can check out one of the best real estate investment companies, here if you happen to be in the Southern California area.

Most real estate closings can take anywhere up to 3 to 6 months!

All that time you could be traveling and exploring the world, you’re stuck waiting for an interested buyer to come along and actually want to buy your house.

Not only can you have cash in your hands within a 30 day period, but investors can have your house closed within that same time period.

You simply exchange keys for cash and you can hit the road without ever having to worry about any other obligations that could potentially tie you down to the house.

So if this is a dream of yours, and you’re just itching to make it come true I highly recommend you contact a reputable real estate investor in your local area.

Have them come out and check out your house and see if they can give you an all cash offer on your home.

I know of one particular investor named Doug Van Soest who, after giving you a cash offer, if you accept will tell you that you can consider your house sold!

And within that short 30 day period you could have a truckload of cash in your hands and be on your way to traveling the world and playing music for those who you encounter on your journey. So if you want to learn more about these these companies then make sure to check out my recommended sources in this article. They’re all you’re going to need.

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Using a Guitar Training Book or Online Lessons for Your Kids

young-guitar-playerExactly how do you select the right book that is going to help your child learn the guitar in the most efficient way possible?

Given that most lessons can simply be learned on the internet, finding a book that can still provide useful knowledge to your aspiring guitar player that isn’t outdated may be a bit of a challenge. While there are still some good reliable books online, simply heading over to youtube and searching for lessons is often the best alternative to help your child get started quick and easily.

Deciding on the Right Instruction Book is Vital to Your Child’s Guitar Success

Throughout the years, I have seen parents go out and get song books for their kids and these guitar guides just sat and gathered dust. The choice was not a good one. Cash was not well spent. Especially since reading is mundane and not a very effective way to learn in today’s modern digital age.

Level of Difficulty Must Be Relevant to Your Childs Skill

If your child is taking guitar lessons, the most effective person to assist you with this information is, obviously, their instructor. If the degree of difficulty in the books is over your child’s skill level then he obviously won’t gain much from it.

As with the other books, it will simply find its way on the shelf and collect dust. My recommendation is to find some valuable website that offer online video training. Some of the Top Beginner Guitar Training can be found on

Depending on your child’s skill level, it could take some time to determine if a certain book will actually bring them any benefit either, as it takes time to go through the lessons, and not all lessons are created equally.

While the book may, in the beginning, look basic, upon further examination, your child may find that it’s simply beyond their skill level and does them no good. Ultimately ending up discouraging them from ever wanting to play again.

Some books will, on the front of them, indicate for you the playing level the student should be at before delving into it while others don’t. This can be useful. I prefer simple songs as opposed to more difficult songs. Some publications will take older songs and streamline the melodies to make them less complicated, commonly changing them too much, in my viewpoint, from the original song so it takes away from the necessary skills that you child could develop otherwise, is simply not going to be beneficial.

A teacher’s assistance in helping you find a solid lesson is one of the best routes to take if online lessons just aren’t a possibility.

Whatever Books You Choose they Should Be Specific for Guitar

Guitar Chord BookThe best publications, in my opinion are those that are specific to guitar and aren’t based on general music lessons and have lessons and songs specific to the guitar.

These guides generally lay out the melodies and chords in easy to follow diagrams that any guitarist can learn to read and play quickly. This will quickly enhance skills being able to look at the tablature of the specific song being learned

These books will generally have the instructions on how to read these “tabs” somewhere in the introduction to the guide.

In my honest opinion Guitar books” are now outdated with the rise of the internet and networking.

Websites such as youtube provide free video lessons that most people use now anyways. To find some of the Top Guitar Training Online visit or youtube.

This ensures a quicker and more efficient way of learning how to play the guitar that an instruction manual simply can’t match.

This medium will give your child one of the best starting and progressive learning models possible.

In my own advice, I would steer clear from standard guitar books and sit down with your child and find a good lessons website that will teach them the basics. The one thing you want to look out for are lessons that are progressive and build upon previous lessons.

This will motivate, inspire and encourage your child to sit down every day and practice which is the most essential aspect to learning the guitar.

To get an idea of what I’m talking about just check out the video lesson below:

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Fundamentals to Making Your Very Own Beats

in the studio trappinGetting Start With The beat: The fundamentals.

Very few individuals understand that one of the very first kinds of music was based upon a beat – and it appears like its beginning to round its circle nowadays. In the days of old, individuals utilized recurring drumming patterns to express their music and put them in a state of hypnotic trance: this was a beat makers music expression. War drums led warriors and knights to success and gave them courage to continue fighting on the battle field. Now – in modern-day times, it once more enables us to reveal ourselves – to give us courage to keep going in hard times as it can through beats that express raw emotional power. So any traps beats for sale that you find online can also give you some great inspiration.

Exactly what makes a terrific beat?

An excellent sense of rhythm comes useful as it forms the basis of a beat. Choose exactly what sort of noises you are going to utilize: are you more into the hip-hop scene, Trap scene or RNB genre’s?

Each music style has its own features, which you must follow when picking your sounds. Be innovative in that one, as occasionally, unanticipated noises produce unexpected outcomes – and that alone can make your beats more unique. If your house studio kit permits you to – record a few of your very own samples (hand claps, mouth noises, strike your pillow with a hand making a fantastic bass noise) – and then transport these into your DAW and make alterations to the sound; the concepts are unlimited.

making a beat

Do not fall under in the common trap by believing you require the most costly software application there is to make a killer beat. Select sensibly, as in many cases the DAW’s (digital audio workstations) can be too overwhelming to utilize – thousands pages of handbooks, costly hardware in order to run the program, auxiliary connections, added audio monitors – this variety of barriers can prevent any individual attempting to make it in the music company.

Bear in mind – you wish to make beats – not to put yourself in the middle of hundreds of gizmos you will not even utilize.

You are an artist – not a professional.

Start Small but Dream Big

If you have not got any recording kit to make your very own noises – don’t fret!

Some beat making programs include their own sound samples such as fruity loops which is a cost efficient piece of software that you can use and many professional artists use. This will help you come up with sounds that you can from scratch.

And think of this very carefully – you do not really want a piece of software application, which restricts you by enabling loading just mp3 files. Mp3 is a compressed file format, and Pro’s do not jeopardize on quality! Use just uncompressed, complete quality 44.1 kHz, 16-bit WAV files – the requirement in the music market – this is the format you are hearing on all of your CD’s and mastered Itunes tracks.

When you have actually loaded the kits or certain samples you wish to make use of pick the pace (or BPM – beats per minute) of your track.

Typically the very best method to begin is to hear your preferred artist and start developing a similar sound.

Inspect how each drum sound establishes from the verse to the chorus.

Just then begin from all-time low – kick drum, hi-hat, snare, wooden blocks, percussion – the noises will certainly point the best course for you and you can use them to create your own style.

Have a strategy – and go with the flow

Now you have the fundamental understanding and understand where the beat comes from, exactly what it does and how to utilize it appropriately in your recordings. No matter what – be creative and break the guidelines: attempt numerous sounds, various rhythm patterns and produce exactly what your heart tells you to – after all, your heart has its own beat!

Write from the heart and you will produce your hearts desire.

Once you become proficient you can start selling your beats that artists will buy and rap over. You can set up a website that says something like: “buy trap beats online” and start making money.

Here’s a really great example from one of my favorite Trap Producers, you can check out his beat making tutorial right here:

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Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Real Estate

SCHB - We Buy Houses - And Can Help You!

Real estate investment is a relatively safe business if you understand what you’re doing. However, I won’t sugar coat it because you can lose a lot of money if you jump in without doing your research first. Rather than fumbling around aimlessly and buying properties you can’t flip or even rent out, and put yourself in serious debt, make sure to take a look at these essential mistakes you must avoid if you want to succeed in this business.

#1 Make the Right Offer

You have to remain vigilant when it comes to making your first real estate purchase, which I’m assuming you plan to flip at a later date. So make sure that you aren’t too cheap on the offers that you give sellers, but don’t bid too high that you aren’t likely to make a profit from the flip once you sell the house.

Too many people are thinking profit, and not what is best for both parties. Buyer and seller. As long as you operate from this mind-set you will make a profit regardless. When you’re only thinking of yourself you will likely end up doing more damage not only financially, but to your name as well. So I suggest you do what is necessary to learn all about individuals who want to learn HOW TO SELL A HOUSE FOR CASH FAST in order to better under their position.

This will show you what to offer, since you’ll know what it’s like to be in their position.

You can also go online to find some expert realty websites that can show you additional examples of ways to ensure that you get a house at a good price that will be profitable long-term.  As an Example, check here:

#2 Find the Right House

Make certain that the house you make an offer on, has long term longevity to be sold for a profit. The area the house is in, the neighborhood, neighborhood value, schools that are close by are just a few things to keep in consideration when considering long term value of the property.

Now, if you’ve already made an offer on a house and the seller declined, do not lose hope that you won’t be able to find another house to make your first investment on. Just remember the more you fail the faster you’ll succeed.

You’ll learn how to negotiate with potential sellers and learn the tricks of the trade just through the experience alone.

Make sure you ease any of the sellers concerns and take on closing costs and any fee’s that may accumulate. You never want to put this on the seller.   The less stress they have in the transaction the more likely you will be to get the house.

#3 Be versatile when Choosing a New House

DougYou may find that your first investment isn’t really budget friendly or in the perfect area, however with a smidgen of compromise, you could discover a better option for you. Just because you may get a client who wants you to buy their house, doesn’t mean it’s worth it or that you should take them on as a client.

But if you get presented with an offer where you can see the value and profit, it will be worth taking this potential client on, and purchasing their house. As long as there is a way for you to make money ontop of you being able to help them, you will be fine.  One of the BEST WE BUY HOUSES FAST FOR CASH IN SO CAL COMPANY that can also help you out as well is run by a well known Business owner named Doug Van Soest. If you happen to live in the Southern California area, doing business with him would also be a good idea.

He has over 10 years experience in the business and if you can help him gain clients then he will be able to show you the ropes on how the work is done properly.


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