"A religious person is the one who holds God and fellow human being in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair."

Abraham J. Heschel

A word of welcome from

Poland has come closer to all of us since it has joined the European Union. This helps also to correct some stereotypes: often we may see Poland only as a very conserva­tive catholic country, dominated by an all too mighty church. During my visit to Poland many years ago, however, I was able to experience the diverse faces of theology in Poland. I heard also progressive voices within the Polish catholic church, which were hardly known outside the country.

It is therefore a wonderful development that Open Theology provides a forum for the progressive forces in Polish church and society, and I hope that many from both within and outside Poland will join this project. I am particularly pleased to know that Open Theology is based on an ecumenical and interreligious ethos. This approach meets with the project of a Global Ethic which I have been promoting for more than twenty years. I wish Open Theology a big success.

Keep always courage and confidence!
Yours cordially,

Dr. Hans KĂźng
Professor emeritus of Ecumenical Theology
President, Global Ethic Foundation 

I would like to congratulate to "Open Theology"!

The Most Reverend Njongonkulu Winston Hugh Ndungane, 
Archbishop of Cape Town and Primate of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa.


This project will certainly bring together people genuinely interested in discussion about theology, philosophy and religion across boundaries of faith, nationality and culture. one begins to value and appreciate one's own religion and culture more when exposed to and educated about other religions and culture. this exposure leads to increased understanding which leads to increased respect. this in turn leads to love and compassion for one another. and love always leads to peace - something we all desperately need today and always.
Ibrahim Mogra

Thank you for drawing this to my attention.  It sounds a very worthwhile new initiative and I wish it well.
+Thomas Butler, the Bishop of Southwark (Church of England)

High quality theological conversation and exchange between people of varied traditions and views is more essential than ever in the diverse and plural world of the twenty first century.  I welcome Open Theology as a new and potentially very useful element in the promotion of theological exchange.

Rt Revd Richard Cheetham, the Bishop of Kingston

Open Theology is an ideal forum to allow thoughtful, attentive dialogue to occur between those who have faith and other believers and seekers. It is only through conversation and by learning from others that we can hope to appreciate the distinctiveness of our own tradition and the riches others’ experiences and insights bring. When so many faith groups are retrenching to closed and defensive positions it is vital to keep these conversations alive.

The Revd Richard Jenkins
Director of Affirming Catholicism

Open Theology, welcome to Poland!
We need broadmindedness, open horizons, ecumenical sensitivity, courage, and tolerance as modern virtue that makes peace possible.
With my best wishes
Rev Prof Waclaw Hryniewicz (Lublin, Poland)

Otwarta teologia to taka, w której Chrystus Ewangelii zajmuje centralne miejsce i do której wszystkimi oknami wdziera się świat ze wszystkimi swoimi problemami, potrzebami, pytaniami. Takiej teologii nieustannie potrzebujemy - niech Bóg błogosławi tym, którzy odważają się ją uprawiać i propagować.

ks. Michał Czajkowski (Wrocław, Polska)

I am pleased to commend the entire project of an Open Theology.  At its best, theology has known that it is an exploration which is always in dialogue with its intellectual and material surroundings.  This open dialogue with context and culture is becoming more important as academic traditions can be tempted to become defensive about their corner of expertise and religious communities struggle to renew their spirit.  As the boundaries between different disciplines and perspectives on reality become blurred, it is imperative that religious authenticity be grounded in openness to the meaning of ‘God’ as this takes shape in the life of the world.  There seems no alternative now than to foster dynamic critical conversations across many boundaries of disciplined enquiry.

Revd Dr Alan Race
The Editor-in-Chief of Interreligious Insight

Best wishes from:

Revd Andrew McGowan, The Anglican Rector of the Trinity College in Melbourne (Australia);
Dr Gottfried W. Locher, Institut fĂźr Ökumenische Studien, Universität Freiburg - Schweiz

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